Doing Foodwork at The Study

Cubicles of Solitude
Conveniently located in front of Ateneo de Manila in Regis Center, this is the best place to study or do some work and have a great meal at the same time. Which is probably the reason why students frequent this place. The Study is equipped with cubicles to cater to your next group study session. Having already graduated, I actually visit this place for the food because it does not disappoint. The interiors are plain and adorned with motivational proverbs to help you focus on your work at hand.
A table for little people, or for people sitting
Words to live by
Testing out the ketchup gun
I was surprised that they had not a ketchup container, but a ketchup gun! It doesn't quite squirt out ketchup as I expected, it more like plops it out. We tried it out in one of their food (I think it's discontinued now because I can't find it in their most recent menu. I think it's some sort of fries) and ended up with gloopy ketchup. Let's check out more of their comfort food!

Beef Stroganoff P220
Their Beef Stroganoff just blew me away. It was so creamy and they didn't skimp on the beef and toppings. This is a must-order for pasta and white sauce lovers.

Buffalo Wings P250
We ordered their wings in parmesan cheese and it came in 5 pieces with your standard barbeque sauce. Their wing size is bigger than the store beside them (Sweet Ecstasy) so I'd say this is a better value.

Buffalo Chicken Burger P180
This humongous thing for P180? You got that right. It's chicken covered with a brioche bun and topped with various condiments (Yes I added more ketchup gloop in there). Although most of the chicken was just fried skin, it gives it a lot of crunch and taste.
Beef Chili Rice Bowl P150
Not many restaurants in the metro can get the taste of chili right, but they did pretty well. Beefy, Mexican goodness topped with cheese and poured over rice. Mix it up and add some extra chili flakes, and send your taste buds to Mexico. At P150, it's totally worth it.

This is my favorite place to go to for comfort food in the area as of this time. It's not a date place, nor a family place, but it's perfect for young people to chill and enjoy some good food. They also serve pizzas and drinks such as frappes, slushes, and coffee. If you're looking for comfort dining in Katipunan, this is the place to visit :) 

Name: The Study

- Second Floor, Regis Center, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City (+63 9178222437)

Menu: Click here

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