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Obligatory first post and GENCON deals acquired!

Hi! We are Jeff and Lev, two board game and food enthusiasts in the Philippines. In the next couple of weeks, we will be receiving a huge crate of board games to play and review (more than 40+ games!). Please keep an eye on our page to see what games we have brewing for you. We will also be publishing food reviews, as board games and food go so well together on the table. On top of that, we will be reviewing some print-and-play games, which you can print at home given a standard printer.

As people in the USA know, it's GENCON weekend now so Amazon had their yearly GENCON sale. We were able to secure a copy of Sheriff of Nottingham ($17.99/~PHP900), Jamaica ($35/~PHP1750) and One Night Revolution ($8.49/~PHP430) during the sale.  It's going to take a while to get to us (affordable shipping to the Philippines takes a long time), but these titles will definitely be on our tables soon enough. We're a bunch of broke people, so we just usually keep an eye on board games when there's a sale in the USA and consolidate them all into a big crate to ship to us, so there will be a bunch of box openings coming.

Thank you for passing by and welcome to tableopolis, where food and board games meet!

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