The New Causeway Seafood Restaurant

Causeway Seafood Restaurant has always been a loved classic in the Banawe area. It's been open for more than 20 years and it even had a second branch (aptly called Causeway 2) right in front in order for them to serve more customers. However, the old branch was showing signs of age: odd smells, holes in their chairs, stained walls, and the occasional odd insect in their food. It closed for renovation a few months ago, and now it has risen from the grave as a fine dining (!!!) restaurant. Behold the bright, new Causeway Seafood Restaurant.

The exterior of the old Causeway looked quite dreary, but now they got new lights and everything looks good as new. Stepping into the restaurant made you feel like you were stepping in one of the more expensive fine dining restaurants, such as Gloria Maris. They were also selling mooncakes, just in time for the Chinese Mooncake Festival.
Mooncakes for sale
Staffed still donned the classic uniform. New furniture and layout!
They now have wall aquariums

They even upgraded their menus, which is now covered in leather and has full-color pictures. There were a lot of new items on the menu, most notably the more high-class fare such as abalone and lobsters.
The new menu
All pages are now in full color
It was refreshing to see that they remained affordable and they still offer huge servings. Never trust what they say about the small size only being good for 2-3 people. The small size of their food can serve 6 people if you order a lot of variety. One thing that changed is their plating, which may have some pros and cons.
Minced Shrimp Roll P85 and Beef Rice Roll P95
They started serving some selected dimsum entries in long plates like this instead of a bamboo steamer because it looks a bit more presentable. What they didn't take into account are the sizes of their tables so having just these 2 dishes already filled up our table area. We had to eat them before other dishes arrived because we had nowhere else to put the new dishes. Thankfully it was no problem, because they're bite sized and the Minced Shrimp Roll felt light and crunchy. The Beef Rice Roll's sauce, however, tasted a little odd; like it tasted sweeter than the old one so I just ate the rolls as is. 
Crab meat with dried scallop wintermelon soup P320
Did I mention that the servings are still huge? This small sized bowl filled around 8 bowls. The soup was full of flavor thanks to the crab meat, but I'm not a fan of dried scallop. This is a nice take on the classic wintermelon soup.
Halaan Taosi P280
Unlike before where you can pick out clams from their aquarium with a fishing net and weigh it, the clams now are pre-measured. The clams were cooked in a medley of garlic, taosi, and oyster sauce which gives it a lot of flavor.
Beef Hofan P300
This has been in their old menu and is one of my favorite, so of course we ordered it to see if there were changes to the flavor. Glad to say it's still flavorful (and oily) with large chunks of beef. This place serves the best Chinese beef hofan and it's a definite must-try.
Choy Sum P350
This one is off the menu and you need to request for it specifically. The only vegetable in their menu was Taiwanese Pechay but I wasn't a fan of the gummy stalk that usually comes with it. The waiter then suggested that he just prepare some Choy Sum for us, and I'm glad he did. This was just sauteed in oil and garlic, and yet the flavor comes out in each bite of the crunchy leaves and stalk. It was really fresh and you can tell from the flavor and color.
Fruit Plate P0 - Free!
 Of course, they still offered the on-the-house fruit plate. Pro tip: always ask for this when eating here if you are a regular and they would happily give it to you for free. This is smaller than the one they give out in Causeway 2 (their dimsum version), but it was presented better and it came with some shaved ice to preserved the fruits' freshness and flavor.

Now, Banawe people have a choice when it comes to fine dining. I would say that Banawe is the Maginhawa of Asian food because of the plethora of delicious and affordable restaurants in the area. Everything is just 好吃!

Name: Causeway Seafood Restaurant

- Banawe, 883 Banawe St St. Peter, Quezon City (02) 410-8690
- Libis, 53 E Rodriguez Ave Bagumbayan, Quezon City (02) 638-9374 to 75

- Timog,  Timog Ave South Triangle, Quezon City (02) 376-2559 
- Congressional, 70 Congressional Ave. Bahay Toro, Quezon City (02) 927-8112
- Benavidez, 1266 Benavidez St Sta. Cruz, Manila

Menu: Click here

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