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I still can't believe that it's been 4 years since I and Jeff have been each other's best friends, and now we spend game nights whenever we get the chance. It wasn't easy for us to find a place that had food, board games, video games, and an excellent ambience to boot. Fortunately, such a place exists and it was located a few minutes away from us in Katipunan at Xavierville: Game Over.

When we first stepped foot in this quaint cafe, the first thing that caught our eyes was the glass cabinet filled with limited-edition versions of consoles that would put most peoples' collections to shame.

I don't even have a single PS4 and this guy has a couple of limited eds
A treasure trove for gamers
We weren't ale to take a shot of all the consoles, but whoever owned the place had a lot of Sony and Nintendo limited edition consoles. It was enough to make us jealous since we can't even afford to buy one PS4.  Of course, they also had consoles that can be used instead of just for display.

I wish I had an entertainment system like this at home
 Not only do they have consoles, but they had arcade game stations as well which you can use with a minimum food purchase. In the back of the restaurant is a bar, which turns this place into a swanky club in the late evening until daylight (which may be both good and bad). Unfortunately, when it turns into its night club mode, you'll be hard-pressed to play games because it becomes quite raucous. They also have a small room with multiple PCs for those who want to play games like League of Legends or DOTA or whatever it is people like playing nowadays.

Arcade games
They have happy hour!

The whole place is quaintly decorated to make you relive your childhood gaming memories. They had The Legend of Zelda memorabilia on the wall, and their bathroom is decorated with different controllers and N64 games. If I were given the chance to remake my house, I would want it to be like this place.

I wish my bathroom looked like this
Of course, the best thing this restaurant has, is its commendable library of board games. While it may not have hundreds of titles like other board game cafes, the selection they have is quite excellent and is of better quality than the usual filler games that line the shelves of other board game cafes.

While we would love to review the board games, this is intended as a restaurant review so we'll be reviewing them in due time. The food is actually quite excellently prepared, which makes us feel like the food will make you keep coming back and the whole theme of the place is very big bonus. The other board game cafes we went to usually just use the games to bring in customers but the food isn't something you'd come back for. In Game Over, both the food and the games will make you want to stay forever.

Beef Nachos P295
For our appetizer, we ordered their beef nachos which was chock full of salsa and meat, drizzled in warm melted cheese. It's been a while since I had nachos this good, since most of the nachos I've had lately were just sad and dry. They didn't skimp on the toppings, as it was distributed evenly among the layers instead of just dumped on top.

Game Over Rack of Ribs P740
As anyone who wears braces would know, it's extremely hard to find ribs that melt in your mouth instead of making you feel like prying all your teeth out because it would get stuck in the crevices of your teeth and metal wires. Thankfully, Game Over has got you covered. It's quite pricey at P740 for the size when you think about it (I think it's around 500grams), but it comes with other sides which you can share with your gaming pals. The ribs were soft and soaked in their own blend of barbeque sauce, and the fries were crispy and fried to perfection. It also came with 3 (albeit small) corn cobs and a coleslaw. It's not exactly huge; it can be finished by a single person so P740 might be a bit high for some.

Fettucine Alfredo P210
The alfredo was creamy, cheesy, and topped with chicken and mushroom which complements the whole flavor of the dish. Overall, the food quality of Game Over felt like you were eating in a 4 star restaurant (especially since they seem to like topping their food with some sort of vegetable stem for that ~classy~ look) instead of just your neighborhood gaming cafe. The lighting of the place was also nice, which results in good photos for instagram lovers.

If you want to have a good time with your friends and eat good food, Game Over is the place to be. They have ample parking space as well if you want to bring a big party. This will definitely be in my "visit again" list. Happy gaming to everyone!


- Xavierville, 31 Xavierville Ave Loyola Heights, Quezon City (02) 273-9150

Menu: Click here

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