Sending you all my love - Love Letter (with PnP link)

All of the eligible men, both young and old, are seeking to woo the princess of Tempest. She has locked herself in the palace, much to the dismay of these men, and you must depend on others to take your love letters to her Majesty. Will you be able to beat the others to it?

Love Letter, a 2-4 player game, was our most-played casual game as it is a staple in our board game nights. Almost everyone we know has a copy of Love Letter and their different versions like Batman, adventure time, and Munchkin. We wanted to have our own copy (instead of borrowing from friends all the time), so luckily there is a print-and-play version available here. It is a total graphic redesign made by Konstantin Sokolov free of publisher copyrights, and I have to say I like his this design even more than the original.
Awesome PnP version
You can just get some cardstock available in your local bookstore, and start printing and playing. We just used tokens from the Love Letter games such as the Munchkin one, some other board games we have lying around, or some coins.


16 cards
4 reference cards
14 Tokens of Affection

Nothing to see here, just your standard run-of-the-mill cards. The retail version of the game comes with "tokens of affection". Each card represents someone at the royal residence, and is your messenger to her Majesty. The reference cards list the various cards in the game, as well as their effects and how many copies are in the deck. They are used as a memory aid so each player gets one. We only printed out two reference cards this time. Some versions of the game comes with a pouch which makes it easier to carry the game, but overall nothing too notable with the components here.

Rules and Gameplay

Each player draws a card from the shuffled deck. There are some 2-player variants such as discarding 3 cards from the deck in the beginning of the game and not using them, to make it more challenging.  There are also some variants which accomodate up to 8 players by adding a second deck and balancing the cards. Each player's hand is kept a secret from the others. The person who went on a date most recently goes first. If all of you have never been on a date before, then just pretend you did.

Love Letter is played in multiple rounds. Each round represents a day, and at the end of each round only one player remains with 1 card, and this player's letter reaches her Majesty. When her Majesty reads enough letters from a suitor, that suitor wins the right to court her and that player wins the game. The number of letters required depends on the number of players. Her Majesty must read 7 letters/tokens in a 2 player game, 5 letters/tokens in a 3 player game, and 4 letters/tokens in a 4 player game.

On a player's turn, a player draws the top card from the deck and adds it to their hand, then he chooses one of the cards to discard and applies that effect. All the effects are written in the reference card above. When a player wins a round, they get a token.

Pretty easy casual game, just make sure that you are honest when the Guard and Countess rules apply, as mentioned in the original game, "We suggest that you don't play with knaves who cheat at fun, light games."

Length and Replayability

Each round finishes in around 3-5 minutes if you are quick, so a whole game can last until 15-30 minutes. It's a quick game, and is easy to carry especially if you are travelling abroad and want to take a card game with you. It's a good game but I don't see myself playing it consecutively in a day, or in a short amount of time, as you can start seeing some common patterns with the way people play.

Score: 3 out of 5

Overall score

Once you get the hang of it, it's actually pretty easy to win the game against other people if you've got the right card combinations and if you do card counting properly. I have won in about 90% of our two-player games, and about 70% of our 4-player games. Overall still a pretty solid hand management game and a good introductory game for those new to the hobby.

View the BGG game page here.

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  1. Ha ha , it is a funny game. Reminds me of the queen bee being courted by her warrior bees. Let me find out if this board game is available in Delhi.


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