Spending a worn out day at the Frazzled Cook

The area of Tomas Morato is lined with a lot of restaurants, and tucked away in one of the smaller streets is this little gem. The Frazzled Cook used to be located in San Juan, but they have since transferred to this area to cater to more customers according to one of their servers. The Frazzled Cook serves a mix of Filipino and Italian casual dining and this place is usually packed during weekday evenings, which leaves their cooks and staff quite frazzled as mentioned in their restaurant name.

The cafe is decorated with an interior that makes you feel right at home, and some of their utensils are even imprinted with hello kitty on the back if you look closely. They have different colored and printed plates which adds color to their dishes. The whole restaurant is reminiscent of a countryside home, the place where you would find grandmothers knitting or baking cookings, which immediately sends all the stress you have away.
Philippine Civet Coffee
The restaurant also serves Alamid Coffee, which they describe as "smooth, balanced, and chocolately, it's the coffee that coffee connoisseurs worldwide are buzzing about!" For those who don't know, Alamid coffee beans are made from civet (a civet is a small, lithe-bodied, mammal mostly found in the native tropical forests of Asia and Africa. Also called a "toddycat" in English) droppings found on the forest floors of the Philippines. A civet uses its nose to choose the ripest and sweetest coffee cherries and consumes them during coffee season. A single gatherer can collect up to a kilo of civet droppings on a good day. I didn't get to try it though because I'm not much of a coffee fan but I've had friends who tried it and said it's the coffee you must try. Now that I'm done talking about the place, let's get on with the food! We've ordered quite a bit today so you'll have a big idea on what food they have.
Squash Soup P145
Their roasted squash with stewed vegetable soup was creamy and flavorful. It's an excellent choice to begin your meal with to awaken your taste buds.
Herbed Chicken Salad P275
For our appetizer, we had fresh greens topped with mango strips, homemade croutons, basil vinaigrette and a generous serving of sliced chicken. I loved how their croutons tasted - it was sweet and crunchy and if I could I would have ordered a pack of it to take home for me to snack on. Serving size was good but I wish they would have put more vinaigrette since some leaves were a bit dry.

Sizzling Squid P495
Sauteed mushroom, garlic, and shrimp mixed with special spices and topped with a slab of butter for you to mix with the dish. I don't like squid very much but this dish was quite good and I would recommend that you try it as well. It's not inky and it doesn't have the usual squid stench. It's quite small for the price though but it had an excellent flavor which had a tangy yet sweet aftertaste and goes well with the filipino staple rice.

Truffle Pasta P325
Mixed types of pasta with sauteed bacon slices, portobello mushrooms, and white truffle sauce. This creamy pasta is a must-try for truffle lovers.  

Pizza Caprese P295
I believe that one can't have Italian cuisine without some pizza, so we ordered two! First up is the Pizza Caprese which has grilled tomatoes and kesong puti (white cheese) placed on top of an herb-covered, crispy, thin crust pizza dough. Their pizzas are filled with flavor in every bite and the crust is indeed crispy instead of gummy.

Tenderloin and Sausage Pizza P380
For our second pizza, we ordered their Tenderloin and Sausage pizza which has beef tenderloin salpicao, bellpepper, and kesong puti. It should be noted that all their pizzas are topped with kesong puti so if you are not fond of this ingredient (since I know a number of people aren't) it would be best to tell them. Personally, I'm a cheese lover so I don't mind this at all.

Spicy Shrimp Pasta P295
One of the few spicy selections in their menu is the Spicy Shrimp Pasta. It's spaghetti covered with freshly grilled sliced garlic and shrimp all mixed up with olive oil and some bread on the side. There's actually a spicy kick (which I enjoy) but your mouth can drive away a vampire for miles after eating this as the garlic aftertaste was quite strong.

BBQ Beef Short Ribs P495
For the meat, we ordered some slow-cooked short ribs drizzled with their special BBQ sauce and served with mashed potatoes on the side. The beef has that melt-in-your-mouth texture and it goes really well with their BBQ sauce. My only gripe about this was the serving size.

Pork BBQ Ribs P375
We also tried the pork version of their ribs which was simmered for 4 hours and likewise served with their special BBQ sauce. Texture-wise, it's still soft but the beef version was a lot more tender. Taste-wise they taste quite similar because of the BBQ sauce but I find the pork ribs more value for your money.

Pancake ala Mode P195
At the end of our meal is the one dish that the servers always keep on recommending whenever we eat here: their Pancake ala Mode. Ultra fluffy pancakes with crispy edges topped with a crown of butter and cream and has a taste that you will crave for. I can say that this dish has topped off the dining experience excellently and is one of the best pancakes I have ever tasted.

The food at the Frazzled Cook, despite the name, were not prepared haphazardly but were actually cooked with care and with the freshest ingredients. It's too bad that they only have one branch so I can't easily satisfy my cravings, but the drive and the wait here is worthwhile for the food. They may be short on staff during the busier hours and may have a long waiting time, but I promise that the taste you will experience for this pricepoint is worth the small invoncenience.

The Frazzled Cook
- 78 Sct Gandia St cor Tomas Morato Laging Handa, Quezon City (02) 374-6879

Menu: Click here

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