Organic Comfort Food at Brown's Gourmet

 The restaurant scenery changes every so often at Regis Center, located in front of Ateneo de Manila University, but one of my favorites is Brown's Gourmet. I recently started to frequent this restaurant due to its promotional offerings (which may change without prior notice), and it's just an added bonus that their food is made up of organic ingredients. Organic food has a reputation of being more bland than its non-organic counterpart, but I couldn't say the same for Brown's Gourmet as the dishes they serve aren't short on flavor.

It's one of the more presentable restaurants in Katipunan, with a good ambiance and it makes you feel like you're eating in a classy eatery along the same lines of  Mom and Tina's. Of course, that also comes at a price as the prices aren't exactly for students on a budget, but they won't exactly blow your wallet especially with the myriad of promos that they hold.

Last year, they had a couple of afternoon snack promos and buy one take one offerings during the course of the week or additional side dishes, but as of this moment (July 2017), they have a similar promo to Pancake House where you can choose 2 meals from a selected menu for P370. I prefer their old promos though. Let's check out some of the gourmet meals that they serve.

Merienda Promo P199
I have to say, this is my favorite merienda (or snack in English) because you get so much variety in one meal. It comes with churros, fries, tea sandwiches, and hot coco or coffee which goes well with everything on this plate. They all come in a bite-sized package so if you're like me who likes trying out lots of different little dishes, this is perfect for you. The fries are soft and crispy along with the churros, and you can dip the churros in hot coco (if you chose that option) and it turns into a very delectable churros con chocolate. The sandwich is also toasted perfectly and houses a spread of chicken, mayonaise, and different garnishes.

Pasta + Chicken Combo P199
The chicken is so juicy, it puts other roasted chicken to shame. The basil pesto pasta is quite basic on the other hand, but still good!

Brown's Quarter Pounder Burger + Garlic Parmesan Fries P199
Yes, they serve the burger with a knife stuck down the center. I'm not sure what symbolism it holds, but it left us quite amused. The burger is soft and delectable with its perfectly toasted buns, and the fries go so well with the tartar sauce. The presentation may be a bit hipster, but it doesn't sacrifice on the taste of the dish. This was served during their old promo but I think the burger is P260 right now.

Arroz Ala Cubana Ommrice P265
Their ommrice, or perhaps more commonly known as omurice, is an omelette filled with flavored rice. This dish is actually pretty heavy on the stomach, and while the flavors are rich, it is perhaps too rich as we couldn't finish this in one sitting. Don't get me wrong, it tastes exactly like how you would imagine arroz ala cubana to taste like with the banana slices, but the flavors are just a bit too strong. Perhaps if they dial it down, this would be a lot better.

1/4 Chicken + Rice + 2 Sides P199

This was also an old promo, and their chicken with 1 side is P170 now. This is the same juicy chicken served in their chicken + pasta combo, but this time it is served with rice and 2 side dishes. They call their mashed potatoes "smashed potatoes" and instead of the goopy slop you usually get in fast food restaurants, you actually get chunky fresh potatoes with bacon and their homemade gravy. The mac and cheese is also fluffy and tasty!

Chicken Cordon Brown P250
They sure love serving their dishes on cutting board and paper. The cordon bleu is crunchy and is covered in their gravy with mushrooms, and served with a side salad. The cordon bleu is actually filled with generous amounts of chicken instead of being mostly flour. The only thing missing from this dish is rice.

Halo-halo P145
Saving the best for last: a classic Filipino dessert - halo-halo. They have only started serving this recently, maybe due to the summer heat. It comes with all the usual things you mix in with halo-halo, plus an extra 2 stickos. It's actually not bad for the price, as you can see the ingredients are overflowing from the bowl. Super yummy!

If you love organic food without sacrificing on the taste, Brown's Gourmet is the place to go! They have other branches in the metro and is the perfect stop for those who want to have a gourmet life.

Brown's Gourmet
- Regis Center Building, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City (02) 2815668
- The Hub, Greenfield District, Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City (02) 6329177
Menu: Click Here
Brown's Gourmet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Everything looks so goooood... that picture of the halo halo had me sold hahaha <3 Great review! I'm super hungry now and wishing I were in Katipunan haha :)

  2. Wow, I always love a beanery that you get so much variety in one meal, and this is exactly a kind of beanery that I would definitely going to check. The snacks that comes with churros, fries, tea sandwiches, and hot coco or coffee for less than Php 200.00 is a good choice. I also love that they have a boatload of food to choose from. The food looks tempting and very luscious. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


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