Pay a Visit to Toll House: Home to Cheap Filipino Fare

Touted as having Pampanga's best (yet cheap!) baked macaroni, Toll House is considered to be Angeles' pride, promoting the growing food scene in the more provincial areas near Metro Manila.  Aside from their famous baked macaroni, it serves a lot of cheap Filipino dishes costing below P200 so it won't break the bank. It takes around 1 and a half hour to get here from Manila, so it is best to pass by when you are visiting the surrounding sites in Pampanga (like the towering Holy Rosary Parish). It's actually just a few minutes away from Cafe Fleur, so if you're looking for classier dishes, Cafe Fleur is a good place to go. If you're out for cheap no-nonsense Filipino food, Toll House is the place for you!

Toll House is a cozy family restaurant/bakery which serves classic Filipino dishes along with cakes and pastries. They advertise that they've been operating since 1988, so it seems they've been around for a while. You can also do a take-out of their famous baked macaroni if you're in a hurry. Their cakes are quite basic, so we didn't get to try them because we're here for a full lunch! Their cakes cost a bit under P500.

We went to the main branch of Toll House (they have a few other branches around the area), and the place is designed like your neighbourhood carinderia - no frills, just delicious food! The only thing you'll see on top of the wooden tables is a napkin container. Take note that not all of the air conditioners are turned on so it was actually quite hot when we arrived (the staff said they only turn on a few if there are not many people).
Caesar Salad P100
To start things off, we ordered some salads as appetizers. Their caesar salad doesn't have any fancy ingredients - it's just greens with cheese, croutons, and some ham mixed in, together with their homemade sauce. I wasn't expecting much from P100 though.

Kani Salad P120
Their kani salad somehow tastes similar to the caesar salad, despite the difference in toppings and sauce. It just doesn't taste the same without the Kewpie mayonaise. I'd recommend the caesar salad over this one.

Baked Macaroni P80
The star of the show - their famous baked macaroni! For just P80, it actually fed three of us. The baked macaroni is made with the Filipino palette in mind - it's really creamy and sweet (kind of tasted like condensed milk) with a lot ground meat. It's unlike the usual baked macaroni that's chunky and tangy though, so you might be in for a disappointment if that's what you're expecting.  It costs P80 but it looks like a P250 dish were it to be served in Manila. I would go back to Toll House just for this dish.

Lechon Kawali P160
This is actually the most expensive dish in our meal already. Their rice meals all come with a side dish of macaroni salad. It's quite a basic lechon kawali dish, but we had to have the staff reheat this because the meat came cold :( It's pretty good when it was nice and hot though!

Beef with Vegetables P130
It's a delicious mix of beef and vegetables smothered in a sweet sauce. I just wish it had a few more meat though.
Blueberry Cheesecake - 43
Yes, you read that right. This cheesecake slice costs below P50, which is one of the cheapest blueberry cheesecakes I've eaten. However, I found it a bit foamy instead of the solid cheesy ones that I like and the crust is a bit thin. For P43, it isn't too bad though.

Their baked macaroni is really the highlight of this restaurant. Unfortunately, some of the other dishes fall short but at this price I really wouldn't complain too much about it. I've heard from others that their lengua is pretty good too, so maybe this warrants a second visit! I've gotten a lot of other recommendations for good eats in Angeles, so stay tuned!

Toll House
- 1030 Santo Rosario St, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga (045) 888 0717
- 2009 Doña Teresa Avenue, Nepo Center, Angeles, Pampanga
- SM Clark
- Marquee Mall
Facebook: Click Here


  1. I'd never heard of this place prior to your post, but it's definitely interesting since the prices are so affordable! The baked macaroni looks yummy... I really enjoyed reading your honest review, thank you for sharing :)

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