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Organ Attack - Box
Organ Attack is a fast-based card game for 2-6 players that teaches you all about the different medical maladies that can affect your organs. This game is from the same maker of the hit webtoon, The Awkward Yeti. There can be some awkward moments in the game as well. The goal is to destroy all of your opponents' organs before they can destroy yours. You can do this by giving them medical afflictions from cancer to love (apparently, love can destroy your brain). You can also defend yourself and think up a lot of tactical moves to put things to your advantage.

The awkward part comes when the people you're playing with actually have the said affliction. For example, we played this with a friend who has cancer, so the room went silent when another player gave him the cancer and metastasis card. Luckily, our friend was open to how the game works.
Some people might find this a bit offensive though, so we just have to put it out there. Putting problems like that aside, it's a fast, fun game for people of all ages! Let's check out what this game holds.


Organ Attack - contents
Organ Attack - contents

20 Organ Cards
72 Attack Cards
6 Player Expansion:
    4 Organ Cards
    30 Attack Cards
1 Sticker
1 Rulebook

Organ Attack some pretty sweet components - our favorite is the medical book design of the box. It can be used to store other things than the card game if you wish. As it's a card game, there's nothing in it other than cards, but they are all of good quality. The illustrations are adorable and the finish of the cards make this feel premium. The insert won't fit the cards when they are sleeved though. The organs all have their own personalities which makes them adorable. The flavor text on the afflictions are also educational because they teach you about these various diseases in light humor.

All copies of Organ Attack also include the 6 player expansion. These can be easily added or removed because they have a special mark on the front of the card. We got this off their kickstarter so it came with a The Awkward Yeti set of playing cards. Aside from that, there's no difference between the kickstarter edition and retail edition of the game itself. The rulebook is easy to understand and offers different strategies for the game.

Rules and Gameplay

Organ Attack - play
The goal of Organ Attack is to get rid of your opponents' organs before they destroy yours - plain and simple. It only takes less than 5 minutes to explain to a new player. To start things off, distribute the organ cards evenly to each player and the person with the organ wildcard goes first. Everyone then takes 5 cards from the deck as their starting hand.

The organ wildcard has a drawing of all the organs on the card, which means it can be afflicted by any medical condition meant for any organ, but it needs twice the number of cards to destroy it. For example, a normal organ card can be destroyed by 2 affliction cards meant for that organ (it's drawn on top of the affliction card what organ it's for), or 1 instant death card like necrosis or other cards that have "remove" written on it. For the wildcard however, it needs 4 affliction cards or 2 instant death cards to remove it from the game.

It's pretty straightforward from there. On each player's turn, they can play 1 card. After each turn, they replenish their hands to 5 cards and move on clockwise to the next player. Aside from attacking other players with illnesses, you can also play defensively like playing a sedate card to render your opponent immobile for 2 rounds, or give yourself a vaccine to protect you from any illnesses for 2 rounds. There are also some counterattacks like the Contagious card which gives your enemy an affliction when he tries to afflict your organs. The game just continues on until there's one man standing.

Like with most card games, this game highly luck-based so even though you can form some sort of strategy to thwart your opponents, things can quickly go downhill if lady luck isn't in your favor. We had an instance where someone got an immunity boost, vaccine, transplant, and research when he drew his cards, giving him a big advantage. You can also be extremely unlucky like getting your hands full with afflictions you cannot use (because the said organ is already out of the game, or they're your own organs), which means you have to waste a turn to discard two cards and draw another two.

All in all, Organ Attack is a good, fun game with a lot of "Take that!" and "But wait..." moments but winning the game seems to be based more on luck than skill.

Length and Replayability

Organ Attack - cards
Organ attack offers just the right length of around 15-20 minutes, because any longer would make it a tad boring. It's a very quick game that's perfect for people who don't have a lot of time on their hands and would just want to play in between office breaks. It's best for 5-6 players and although it plays with 2, it actually gets quite monotonous the less players there are. Replayability is great as the deck gets randomized every time. However, a big chunk on winning the game actually boils down to your luck so a badly shuffled deck really kills it.

Overall score

Organ Attack
All in all, Organ Attack is a quick and quirky game fit for kids and adults alike. Great components and easy to understand gameplay makes this the perfect choice for wanting to introduce people to card games. However, it's luck-based and the most common thing everyone seems to be doing is just attacking everyone first, instead of thinking out a planned strategy. A big selling point of the game is the humor and its connection to The Awkward Yeti comics, but even if you haven't read the webcomic, you can still connect to this game, since we all have organs.

Have you played Organ Attack with your friends? Tell us what you think about it!

View the BGG game page here.


  1. This sounds fun! Do you think it would be friendly to an elementary school aged child? I think my son would get a laugh out of it.

  2. Thanks for such a detailed review - i had never heard of this before but I'll have to check it out - sounds like a real laugh!!

  3. Haven't tried any game for a while. But this one's sounds fun.

  4. This games looks fun and interesting. This is the first time I have heard of it. I think it is a great indoor game. Perfect to play any time of the year.


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